Saturday, January 05, 2008

Something New! Really...

I just finished writing the first verse and chorus to a new song. I have an idea for the melody and style for the song, but there's no title and it needs at least 2 more verses. A bridge would be cool too. In other words I want some help with it. I figure where else to go for help than the good old internet where there has to be a number of tunesmiths and poets who could contribute to this song. I envision a contest. The person/people who help me complete the song will receive free lunch on me as well as co writer credit.

So come on over and flex your writer muscles with me...


I don’t want no “A” for effort
I don’t want no hero’s crown
I don’t want no fancy titles
Followin’ me around.

I don’t want no big ol’ paycheck
I don’t want pats on the head
I don’t want no fame or glory
For the flowery words I’ve said.


I want YOU to get up off your ass.
I want YOU, even more than me, to make something happen fast
If you’re sick of doing nothing while the fire turns to ash
I want YOU to get up off your ass.

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