Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Save The Date!

In light of several articles written in the Oregonian in recent months, a community meeting has been set up to discuss ways of dealing with the crisis of abuse and neglect experienced by adults with developmental disabilities in our state. The idea is to brainstorm ideas on what can be done NOW instead of waiting for the legislature to convene in 2009.

Come and share your thoughts/wisdom about domestic violence, ombudsman programs, protection task forces, and common sense on how we can combat this ongoing problem in Oregon. The meeting will take place at the United Way building at 5:00 PM on April 14th. It will be held in room # 10. The address is 619 SW 11th Ave. If you care about the safety and well being of this underserved population, come and let your voice be heard.


Andy Hokanson said...

Folks interested in securing appropriate support for the developmentally disabled might be interested in the blog at:


David McDonald said...

Upon checking out your blog I discovered 2 things. One is that your son and you have been through some tough times, and your anger is totally justified. Another is that we part ways on the closing of institutions. I believe that WHEN DONE RIGHT, people can be safe and happy living in their communities. The problem (as you point out) is the DONE RIGHT part.