Monday, May 19, 2008

"Not Allowed" to Use the Internet?

After Lawrence Welk was over on Saturday night, I began channel surfing. The first show I ran into was "Truth Seekers", which is a show supposedly caring about what kind of science backs up born again claims regarding where the world is at these days. Though I question their "science", I've called in on this cable access show before.

When I tuned in, there was a woman who had to struggle to speak who was on the phone line. She was asking questions about heaven and hell. The 2 hosts asked her some questions about her thoughts; obviously not very experienced with disability issues. The guy with white hair decided she was living in a nursing home, and wasn't really too interested in what she had to say. His counter part was more patient, and seemed genuinely concerned with her situation.

She said that where she lived, she wasn't "allowed" to use the internet to research Biblical information. My ears perked up over this civil rights issue, and I called in after she hung up. I was able to get the woman’s contact information after the guy with white hair rebuked me for being off his task. His partner seemed to get that life is a holistic experience, and sometimes neither the Bible nor science can answer certain questions.

I called the woman, who lives in a foster care home with 2 other housemates. She told me that the owner of the home wouldn’t let these folks use the internet. She also told me that she feared getting into trouble for sharing this with me. I told her that I would do what I can to find out why she can’t have internet access if she wants it. She was very grateful, and impressed that I’d look into this for her. She was particularly impressed that I’m not even a Christian.

This morning I emailed my nephew’s case manager to see if she works with this home. She got back to me that she doesn’t, but let me know who does. This person is out of the office for the next few days, but I plan to talk with her about this situation. I’ll write more about it after that.

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