Saturday, August 02, 2008

Oregon Reflections

Why do you suppose it is that the Oregon Department of Human Services is so whacked out? Think about it.

The Department of Mental Health can’t seem to protect people with mental illness in our state. Seniors and People with Disabilities can’t seem to protect people with developmental disabilities. The Oregon Youth Authority needs to be investigated. Nursing Homes are a great danger to people. And... the whole time you see Bruce Goldberg out there talking about the great work DHS is doing.

Is this karma?? Or maybe it’s the result of Death with Dignity. Ok... Assisted Suicide. Whatever. My point here is that if you give a group of people (doesn’t matter what size) enough power that they can choose how and when they will die, it seems to allow them to look at other people’s lives as less meaningful. Thus, it may be related to why there is so much indifference around the suffering of others.

Just something to think about on your Saturday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

What happens if you give one person, say a terminally ill patient suffering from cancer, the right to decide how much they have to suffer?

That's what death with dignity is really about.

David McDonald said...

That may be what it's SUPPOSED to be about, but is that what's happening?