Tuesday, August 05, 2008

RIP Danieal

I wrote about Danieal Kelly, an autistic teen, who was murdered by neglect on Saturday. She was found covered in bed soars, on a bare and dirty mattress, with feces all around her. Her body left a permanent impression on the mattress when she was moved.

The mayor of Philadelphia was so angered over what happened to her that yesterday in a news conference he said he was "pissed off" at her caregivers, and would "kick their asses" if Danieal was his daughter. Strong talk from a politician. Not too worried about what people might say regarding his choice of words.

That all being said, I went to a Multnomah County Commissioners meeting last Thursday. I asked where the accountability is from the county for all the domestic violence, abuse, and neglect experienced by people with developmental disabilities in our state. Not one of our elected officials answered my question even though Multnomah County is leading the way to abuse. Not one of our elected officials could say "This is unacceptable". Not one of our elected officials had anything to say. I find THAT unacceptable!

I guess they were anxious to get down to the business of fast food calory counting, and couldn't be bothered by small stuff like death. Domestic violence just doesn't cut it with them.

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