Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bicyclists Vs. The World

This morning we were taking our customary walk along the Willamatte Bluff. As we crossed Greeley we walked in the street, as sidewalks in the area are often uneven and can cause injury. Suddenly, we saw 2 bicyle lights approaching at a good clip. We went into single file with me taking the lead. As the bikes passed, I heard a woman's voice say to us "you should walk on the sidewalk". They then proceeded through the stop sign without stopping.

YOU CAN"T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS BICYCLISTS! Many of these folks seem to dislike cars. Many of these folks seem to dislike walkers. Many of these folks seem to dislike runners. They only seem to like other bicyclists, and sometimes I wonder about that.

There is a definite entitlement energy that comes from many of these people. My guess is that they are from a generation of kids who were never told "no", and have hung on to that in adulthood.

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