Wednesday, October 29, 2008

5 Reasons to Watch Your Political A$$

This posting is a bit off topic of what I usually write about, but I believe it's important, so I'll give myself a pass. As we move toward next Tuesday's election, I want to point out some valid thoughts.

1.) The Republican Party will stop at NOTHING to steal the election. All over this country voting machines are already screwing up. The word they are now using to explain this mess is "recalibrate" the machines that don't work right. Remember that word. It's the new "hanging chad".

2.) Their focus on "voter fraud" and ACORN instead of the faulty machines is a line of bs that they are using to manipulate the people they don't think are smart enough to see what they're up to.

3.) Their cries about the "liberal media"s unfair treatment is more bs. They don't even acknowledge that Fox News exists. I watched it for an hour this morning, and all that was on was HEAVY propoganda. Every rumor and sleasy lie imaginable was used as truth.

4.) They don't believe that we have it in us to fight back when they blatantly steal yet another election. So far they appear to be right.

5.) They are successfully purging low income people from the rolls, and getting away with it.

On November 5th, don't say you weren't warned.

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