Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Civil Rights and Barack

Here we go again. In various states (not ours this time around) there are Initiatives to thwart the rights of gay couples. Adoption by gay couples, and gay marriage seem to be the biggest issues folks will be voting on in November.

I heard some very disturbing words from Barack Obama this morning on C-Span from back in August. I didn't hear the whole conversation, as I was gathering garbage and recycling to go out today. What I did hear was his response to a question about civil rights which caught my attention. They were talking about gay people and he said "My confidence in my faith, and my confidence in my marriage are strong enough that I could afford the civil rights of gay couples." Those may not be his exact words, but certainly close if not.

What does his faith or marriage have to do with CIVIL RIGHTS?? The answer is "nothing". Civil rights are exactly what they say they are;RIGHTS! What if he was losing his faith and his marriage was on the rocks? Would he then not be able to afford civil rights to gay couples? I'm going to vote for him. Not because I believe he is this great "change agent" he portends to be. He is the lesser of two evils in this upcoming election. And he better pay attention to what rights are, or we're all in deep do-do.

Oh yeah... by the way; there's a show on the current state of the KKK at 4:00 PM today on the National Geographic channel, as told by Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center. You won't want to miss it. Toodles.

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