Friday, October 24, 2008

Unabashed Socialist or Why I Do What I Do

Last week I became a member of Leftyblogs (Oregonlive is another story)because I'm a Socialist, which is left of left here in Oregon. One of the first posts they put up was also from last week. It's titled "Death at Goodwill", and tells the story of a man with a developmental disability who was killed by a piece of heavy equipment in Tacoma. I wondered if my own nephew/son who works at a store here had received any safety training.

There were at least 31 clicks on the story without so much as 1 comment about it. I talked to my wife about that this morning, and we explored why that would be...

She: "I think we need to recruit people from the general community who have no idea about disability issues."
Me: "I disagree. That's the reason for my blog. I think you have to educate folks before you can recruit them. Those clicks were a combination of curiosity and/or a desire to learn more."
She: "Well; if no one's asking questions or making observations does it really even matter?"
Me: "I think it does. There hasn't been any education of the broad community about disability since forever. People need to feel comfortable with subject matter before they'll open up."
She: "well I'm going to recruit people who don't have a clue."
Me: "Good luck on that".

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