Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama and Disablity

About a week ago I posted about how the Republicans were likely to steal the Presidential election. I WAS WRONG.

The fact that Obama won in a landslide gives me some real hope. He is/was a civil rights attorney, so hopefully he "gets it". He should be able to see how people with disabilities are discriminated against as much (or more than) as black people in America. And... he should see that these people's needs are not currently being met by a long shot.

I attended a meeting yesterday where the DHS budget was brought up. The news was not good, and there is the potential for deeper cuts than the 10% I wrote about the other day. Rather than becoming fearful, I found myself becoming angry. Angry that those who need help in Oregon, must grovel for the crumbs left behind by their non-disabled counterparts. Angry that corporations in our state barely pay any taxes, and receive a corporate "kicker" each year. Angry that people are so lethargic that they'd support suffering through silence.

Now, we have a new president. Someone who spoke of "spreading the wealth around" as he campaigned. Will he be a friend to people with disabilities? Will he do his part to ensure they have a decent existence in America? I have the audacity of hope that he does.

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Stephanie said...

It's very hard for anyone (including a politician) to be passionate about things they know little about- like Autism. What's more, they're going to say anything to make you feel good about voting for them. He may very well have good intentions for ALL people, but that does not mean he will be able to follow through for people like you and me.