Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Open Letter to Crazy Female Bicyclist

Dear Crazy Female Bicyclist,

2 mornings ago you came dangerously close to hitting me with your bike as you careened down Willamette Boulevard, near the corner of Greeley Avenue. You actually stopped me in my tracks as you began yelling "Get out of the f###ing street". Your male partner also came close to hitting my wife, which would be a big mistake.

There are a few points you need to be aware of. I'm writing them here, as the two times this has happened you continued on your way.

1.) The sidewalks in this part of town are unsafe to walk on in the dark. I'm not about to risk a broken ankle so that you can win some kind of time trial on your bike.

2.) Feel free to contact the Mayor to request that the money he wants to spend on bike paths be used instead to fix the sidewalks.

3.) It is not breaking any law to walk in the street in Portland, but it is against the law to threaten someone by purposely aiming your bike at them.

4.) If you do this again, I will take your action as an act of aggression, and will in fact, shove you and/or your male companion as you ride by.

5.) Each day, as we walk along this path, at least 7 other bicyclists ride by us. I have never had problems with any of them.

I want to make myself clear that it is you who must change your anti-social behavior, and stop trying to restrict us as we happily walk along.


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