Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update ON KKK Trial

I received this letter from Brandenburg, Kentucky, where the trial of the Imperial Wizard of the Imperial Klans of America is under way. It looks like there is some compelling evidence which should lead to a conviction...

Nov. 12, 2008

Dear Friend,
Morris Dees and I are here in Brandenburg, Kentucky, where we just finished the first day of trial in our lawsuit against Ron Edwards, leader of the Imperial Klans of America, and one of his key lieutenants. Our client, Jordan Gruver, was severely beaten, knocked to the ground, and kicked by two Klansmen wearing steel-toed boots.

This morning, we selected a jury and called as witnesses one police officer who saw Jordan being kicked by two Klansmen, and another who interviewed Jordan after the attack and described him as a physical and emotional wreck. Jordan's jaw was wired shut, and he was afraid for his life.

We also put Imperial Wizard Edwards on the stand and presented evidence about the annual white-power rally he hosts, where Klansmen, racist skinheads and neo-Nazis are encouraged to commit violence against minorities. Edwards will be back on the stand tomorrow.

You can read more coverage of the trial on our blog. I'll update you again after tomorrow's testimony.

Thanks for standing with us in our fight against hate and injustice.


Richard Cohen
CEO and President

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