Friday, December 05, 2008

Campground Mystery

As I was going through my email this morning, I came upon a CNRG posting where they are looking for people to man a phone bank for the Gifford Pinchot Task Force. It spoke of this group as being the protectors of the forrest. I decided that what I should do is contact the executive director of the task force staff to see what, if anything, ever became of the "Incident Report" I wrote at the end of August, when my wife and I were camping.

I searched my office until I found some information that I would need to share with them around our experience with teens using an axe and gun(s) in the campsite we were staying at. I then forwarded my blog post from 8/31/08, which pretty much tells the story.

After sending the email to the executive director I was thumbing through a brochure we picked up while we were camping, and came upon a copy of the incident report that I'd hand written because I felt funny about the camp hostesses handling of the incident. I decided to post it on my blog, and am waiting to see what happens. This was written the day of...

"At around 1:00 yesterday afternoon, Suzanne and I swung by the Camp Host to inquire about the location of the walking bridge.She was drinking a beer which she said was her 2nd. She said she's a "light weight" and was talking to her boss about reservations on a walkie talkie. She told us it was her day off. We got the directions and went back to our site.

We walked to the foot bridge, took some pictures, and walked back to the road and our site. It was now approximately 1:30. 4 young people came by and went to the river. Suzanne told me one of the men (2 men and 2 women) had an axe. By 1:45 we heard chopping. By 2:00 or 2:05 I saw a tree fall. We heard hooting and hollering. By 2:30 the kids came out of the bushes and walked toward lower numbered sites.

At around 3:00 we heard what sounded like a gun shot coming from the direction they went. Between 3:15 and 3:30 there were 4 more shots.

At around 4:30 the camp host came by, asking if we had heard chopping the night before. I said no, but we heard and saw bad stuff going on this afternoon. I showed her the tree that was cut, and said we wanted to call a Ranger, but don't have a cell phone. She said there is no cell phone service here. She left around 4:45. I walked down to where the action took place and saw a bottle of green tea.

Suzanne and I walked down to site #21 which was raked clean. #19 was not raked, and they had been there for a longer time. There were 2 cut trees in #21.

At around 5:15 or 5:30 the camp host returns with her boss. They check out the cut tree and begin writing an incident report. They came over to our site and her boss shows me an I.R. with writing on it. Said the host will be back in a while, and I'll write below her. She came back with a BLANK I.R. which I filled out in detail. I told her about the green teabottle as possible evidence. She looked but couldn't find it. I found it again this morning".

I then signed my name at the bottom.

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