Saturday, December 06, 2008

A New Kennedy In The Senate?

It's looking like Caroline Kennedy is salivating over Hillary's seat in the senate. Well, not actually her seat, but she's thinking maybe that position would be a good one to have. AOL reports that 73% of respondents to the question of whether she would be a good fit for the job were positive.

Do we want ANOTHER Kennedy in the senate?? Have we seen enough of political bloodlines making decisions on behalf of/for Americans in the last century?? I don't know for sure.

My father campaigned heavily for John Kennedy. We had the hats, buttons, and even the "Whoop There Goes Another Rubber Tree Plant" recorded version of his campaign song around our house in his bid for the presidency. Then came his book, Profiles In Courage and Teddy's screw up and his and Bobby's assassinations and Jackie and Arie and John Jr. and his plane thing and Bobby Jr.'s drug thing and ad nauseum...

I think we should put the Kennedy's and Bush's to bed. Not to mention the "new" family on the block... the Clinton's. These familial politicos have been dragging our country down for too damn long.

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