Monday, January 12, 2009

Bugs, Hugs, and "Shining Stars"

I stand corrected. The Legislators ARE royalty! Senator Vicki Walker just made that clear as she spoke of the job that lies ahead of the Senate this year. Under the leadership of Senate President Peter Courtney, these Senators shall be "shining stars" as they go forth. That answers that.

The Oregon Channel is certainly no shining star at this point. They have some bugs to get worked out for sure. Call me crazy, but I would have done some dry runs PRIOR to the beginning of the session.

There's a whole lot of pats on the back and feel-good talking going on today. That makes me a bit nervous. When that's the case, what generally follows is glad handing and folks being labeled as "beyond reproach" no matter how they vote and/or what they decide. I'm hoping for some real results (change) in improving our state, and the people who live here who need help.

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