Sunday, March 08, 2009

Don't Be Afraid Of The Rich People

I was watching the Reverand Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping show this morning, when they were gathering to save the commons around where the World Trade Centers used to be in New York. The city wants to turn the area into a gigantic mall. The Capitalist Party is behind the move.

I decided that if we were going to have french toast for breakfast (as my wife suggested) I should get some sausage to go with. I took off down North Denver Street on route to New Seasons. At the corner of N.Denver and N. Portland/Rosa Parks (still can't figure that one out) I rounde the corner without fully coming to a stop. I had a complete view of the traffic which was none, so I didn't come to a full stop.

A guy who was at the recycling place in his 2009 Volkswagon Prious beeped his horn at me, which I thought was pretty dumb. I pulled into the New Seasons parking lot, and sure enough he also pulled in. As we got out of our cars, I asked him; "You beeped at me, why?" He answered; "You didn't stop at the corner". I then asked him; "and that impeded you, how"? He replied; "It's a law". I said;"So we should all follow every law, and work to get rich,right"? He said; "Sounds good to me". To which I replied; "You're a fucking asshole, and you need to wake up". He said nothing else.

We need to focus on the impoverished people in Oregon, before focussing on "being green".

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