Monday, April 06, 2009

So Much More Than A Comment

When I was struggling to have my blog removed from, I decided to go after Kari Chisolm, one of the administrators of the site. I began referring to him as “Porky Pig”, leader of the cult of Leftyblogs.

This morning a comment came to me from none other than Hart Williams, the tough guy who refused to meet me for an ass whooping. He’s also the guy who wrote all the hate speech directed at people with developmental disabilities on his blog “His Vorpal Sword”. I’ve pasted and bolded what he wrote, following that with my own thoughts.

Hart Williams has left a new comment on your post "Leftyblogs Is A Cult... I'm Serious!":

Let me see if I get this straight:

You're willing to ream anyone who doesn't use politically correct terms for the disabled, but it's OK for YOU to call Kari Chisholm "Porky"?

Politically correct?

Writing about people with Down’s Syndrome...”Because, as we all know, Down’s Syndrome children and other retards are very sensitive about being retarded, and don’t like people pointing out that they’ve stuck three fingers up their nose, or that they’re eating their own poop.”

Writing about other people with developmental disabilities...“Spastics and retards (or, as is preferred, Spazzo-Americans)” “fake-offended smear merchants ever-ready to take up the cause of the spastic, the drooler, the imbecile and yes, the retard.” “virtually no spastics or retards have actually been offended, only people taking offense ON THEIR BEHALF.” “I mean, there is nothing graceless, herky-jerky, or just plain fucking pathetic about the way that some retards try to do the simplest things, like putting on their shirts, or trying to put on and tie their shoes.”

These ^words vs. “Porky.”

Specifically to slur and disparage him?

Horrible, aint I? Oh yeah...I haven’t heard 1 word from Kari saying he was offended. Could Hart be one of those folks “taking offense ON THEIR BEHALF.” I think Kari’s a big boy, able to defend himself with his word processer. Unlike most people with developmental disabilities.

What's the word for that? Hold on, it'll come to me.

Oh yeah: hypocrite.

If trying to distance myself from this kind of wing nut at any cost is hypocritical, I guess he’s right.

I'm beginning to think that your whole "advocacy for the disabled" is just an excuse for you to act like an asshole.

First of all people with disabilities don’t like to be referred as “the disabled”. And if I’m an asshole for trying to cause change in the world by protecting their civil and human rights, so be it.

From the evidence, you don't care about anybody's feelings but your own.

Boo Hoo.

I do want to thank Hart for once again reminding me that it was critical to not have my blog linked to Leftyblogs or their Capitalist partners.

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