Friday, May 29, 2009

2nd Update on Gregory Rold

I'm getting fewer and fewer Google alerts about Gregory Rold and what happened to him in Salem last Saturday night. I have gotten 2 comments from 2 men who go by the last name of Mathews. This first one was written by Brent...

"there were more cops there then they said..and a dog too! what has the media have to really say about gregorys death?? most people there didnt even like the man..but one thing they dont know about that man is that..hes mental, and takes medicines..people hate the fact that he came back to the apartments they decided to call the law enforcement to come arrest him..

but was gregory really a bad man?? he was only visiting hes mother for the holiday...

to the salem police department i would pray for your all need jesus!!


David Matthews wrote the following...

"I am deeply struck by this as Mr. Rold's aunt is my mother's neighbor, they are also good friends as well.

I visit my mom whenever I get the chance and one person that always stuck out to me everytime with his personality was Mr. Rold as he was never shy to yell across the street "How is your day going" or " How are you doing". A bit odd at times but nothing out of the ordinary for a man who is a skitsofrenick.

So when I heard this story and read the articles about it I needed to hear it from a person that was close to him or was there. What I came to learn was that indeed Greg was trespassing but that he was doing so to get a fresh pair of clothe changing. So in other words a man's life was taken over something so stupid.

I spoke to his mother who was present while all this happened she told me that he had wanted to stop by her apartment to get a changing of clothes and head back to his aunt's where he had been staying as he did not have a place of his own. Something that would have taken 20 minutes at most. Within those 20 minutes police officers arrived on a call of trespassing. Mr.Rold was forced to the ground and arrested.. By 4 police officers as you can see above. His mother then told me that while on the ground a police officer shot Greg with a taser and kept sending a series of electric shocks to him that lasted about 5 minutes. While he was completely man-handled, was not going any where, and was of ABSOLUTE NO THREAT.

For those that don't know the power of a taser; someone struck by a Taser experiences stimulation of his or her sensory nerves and motor nerves resulting in strong involuntary muscle contractions. In other words you go down within seconds of being hit by one... I did a little studying.

As she teared up she told me that her son's last words to her were "Mom, help. They are killing me". After that Greg was dragged outside where the officers realized that somehow he was unconcious after being shot with a taser for 5 minutes. You don't say?!?! How the heck does that happen? Morons. He later died at the hospital.

My question is why did four officers have to use a taser to subdue a man with no weapon???? Were they not all man enough to take a 5'9" 240 pound man down??"

That's all I got right now.

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sam paul said...

There is a guy protesting outside the Royvonne Apartment Complex every daily regarding a similar trespassing complaint. Scared to return to the premises for fear of his life. I also saw an article in the Statesman last weekend about the families lawsuit against the Salem Police. I think they should focus on the manager of the complex who filed the false trespassing complaint and then called the police to have him "removed" within twenty minutes of being there. This story is not over.