Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yeah... Right...

So... now it seems like Bob Joondeph (from Disability Rights Oregon) is attempting to distance himself from his vaulted testimony given to the Oregon Legislature around closing the School For the Blind. The DRO blog states that he wonders... " Are we, as Michael suggests, hurting children in pursuit of a ideal that cannot be realized? I can't adopt that viewpoint without conceding the futility of achieving a truly inclusive society. Defending both OSB students and our movement toward integration are not incompatible goals."

My question is... "And how exactly did you "defend" the OSB students?" All I saw from Bob was testimony about the reasons to close the school, with virtually nothing about the students or their families wishes. If he was really caring about "achieving a truly inclusive society" as he claims, he would have made sure that a developmentally disabled woman with stage 3 cancer recieved the treatment she required; same as a non-disabled person. Did he? No! He sat back and watched while Multnomah County's best and brightest simply allowed her to expire. But that's Bob for you.

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