Saturday, June 20, 2009


I'm suspicious.

The way this whole Gregory Rold death was handled, how could one NOT be suspicious. The amount of attention paid to this case by the media in Oregon was significantly less than several other cases where no one died. And... they STILL can't even agree on his age!

Yesterday, the Marion County Grand Jury found that the Police (4) didn't cause his death, but that he basically died of a bad heart with obesity as a contributing factor. If you have to fight off 4 police officers who are tasering and beating you with batons, I suppose that would cause stress to a weakened system. My question is why they felt the need to go so hard on a man suspected of merely TRESPASSING??

They also have dropped the conversation of disability when writing about Gregory. That would make him a part of 2 protected classes...being black, and having either a developmental disability or mental illness. It would also require the officers involved to have ALREADY been trained on best practice for dealing with such people. Were they?

I hope this whole thing isn't over. I hope community members start asking questions beyond the obvious. I hope that more is revealed in a civil suit. My suspicions tell me otherwise.

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