Friday, July 10, 2009

20 Days Of Absence

Sometimes I feel like owning this blog is like owning a two edged sword. I get to express my opinions, and point out what sorts of things I've both seen and experienced in the world of developmental disabilities. It's generally not real pretty, and I become overwhelmed with the negativity of what I write.

I'm also aware that I probably have more enemies than friends as a result of having a blog that is offensive to some folks who read it. On some deep level I want to be liked, and it causes me to step away from the blog. Then something will happen which causes me to "go back to work."

The other day I was speaking to a person about my blog, saying I wasn't sure why I bother to write about what I see and experience. I told her I get tired of the lack of comments on my posts, and that I feel like no one really cares about what I've seen and experienced. This person caught me off guard when she said; "You do it because they (people with developmental disabilities)need you to." As simple as that thought may be, it was like hearing it for the very first time. This came from the mouth of a mother of an adult child who has a developmental disability.

So, I'm back to it. If that disappoints someone, who cares? I'm thinking I've only got one chance to make the world a user friendly place for people with developmental disabilities, so I need to do this for them.

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