Monday, October 10, 2011

I've been thinking about what does and doesn't make sense in the US and beyond recently. for posterity's sake, I'm gonna write some thoughts here.

When one of your complaints is that you believe your government is unfair, why would you join with them in attempting to make life fair?

If you think that using the words "nigger", "faggot", and "kike" are bad examples of speech, why would you use the word "retard", thinking that's ok?

How could you possibly think that using resources for any reason before ending hunger and homelessness makes sense?

How can you call yourself (and believe) that you are a Christian and suggest that Capitol Punishment is justifiable?

How can Corporations be treated as individual persons without making sure they have personal responsibilities as well?

How can someone be so hypocritical as to believe cronyism sucks when their whole life has been nothing beyond cronyism?

Why is it ok to bleed 99% of Americans and prop up the wealthiest 1%?

How do these people sleep at night???

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