Sunday, April 22, 2012

Speaking of War...

"Heroism on command, senseless brutality, deplorable love-of-country stance, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism - how passionately I hate them!"
Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

I've never been mistaken for a flag waving patriot. In fact, I believe the US has done more harm than good to its' citizens (and the world) since I was born. One of my earliest memories of this is a bumper sticker on the back of a neighbors station wagon that read "Footprint of the American chicken", underneath the picture of a peace sign. And then there was the old "America, love it or leave it" people, who are the same ones who hate immigrants today.

Have you heard that the LA Times has several new pictures of US soldiers in Afghanistan, using the body parts of car bombers for "funny" photos? The Administration has asked the Times to not print these photos out of a fear of retaliation toward soldiers still on the ground there. I believe the REAL reason is that if Americans saw some of these photos, it would only make an already unpopular war even more unpopular.

Yeah, they are also concerned it will make Afghanistan more dangerous than it is. MORE dangerous? The fact that a foreign country is occupying a land that they've all but destroyed makes Afghanistan "dangerous". You want safety for the troops? Bring them home!

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