Monday, April 30, 2012

Talkin' Generalizations

I'm tired of hearing about ALL THE REASONS that people with autism CAN'T do anything. "They can't handle change". "They can't handle noise." "They can't handle touch." It's all a bunch of stigmatization as far as I'm concened!

How about considering the reason people with autism can't do anything, is the people who speak on their behalf. I'm talking about those who BENEFIT from the belief that these folks are so UNABLE. Without naming names, it should be clear who I'm talking about...

What about the idea that people with autism generally rise to the level of EXPECTATION placed upon them. In my many years working with these folks (inluding 12 with my own nephew), I've found this to be the case. For Christ sake, STOP pretending like these folks are unable to learn, and start believing that they are TOTALLY capable of learning!! Thank You!


Mac said...

Tell 'em, David!

Anonymous said...

nice David. It's wayne