Thursday, June 07, 2012

Rest In Peace Richard Luccetti

A friend of mine died recently. I know death is an important part of life, and everybody's gonna go sometime (including yours truly), I'm saddened by his death. His name was Richard Luccetti, and these are my memories of him...

Richard was a champion for children. I'm not so sure he was interested in advocating for wealthy kids as he was for low income children, but his main focus was justice for ALL children.

Richard was unafraid. he was far less interested in people's thoughts about him, than he was in doing the right thing for the people he cared about.

Richard was funny. He often mumbled when he spoke, and was prone to speaking different languages in the same sentence. That may have been so that he'd have an opportunity to repeat what he believed were important thoughts. he had many humorous stories that he liked to share with his inner circle of friends and colleagues.

Richard was smart. He seemed to know quite a bit about many topics. He had a great understanding of law and the legal system. He blew me away when I realized how well versed he was in civil rights and special education law he was.

Richard was warm. He was ALWAYS ready to lend a hand; often before he was even asked. He could be counted on to do what he said he woud do cheerfully.

Richard was my friend. Godbye dear friend.

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Mey said...

I was sitting here thinking about Mr. Richard. So for some reason I typed his name on Google and came across your blog. I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Richard for the last five years at Albina Head Start. His office is right above our classroom. Mr. Richard is a great person in and out. And you are so right about him not be afraid. He was indeed a person that would speak his mind, especially when its in regards of children. Mr. Richard was definitely funny and he had a big heart and cared for ALL children. He was always there to help us and gave us advice on anything. I will miss his sarcasm and advice. I will never forget Mr. Richard. He will be missed by all. I know that anyone who has met Mr. Richard will never forget the person he is.