Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thank You Billie D. Harris...

I realize that this story's been told already, but I want to share some thoughts about the content. I first saw it this morning on the Sunday morning CBS News Magazine, and once I stopped crying, decided it was important enough for me to do so.

There's a lot of heated debate going on in this country about the value of the military. Whenever it's discussed, inevitably soldiers are drawn into the conversation. Recently I asked a question regarding soldiers being paid for making films while still on "Active" status on my Facebook page. This turned into quite the argument, both for and against such a notion. I hope I can settle it here.

I believe that War Profiteers are behind the struggles we're involved in in the Mid East. I also believe that the US Government is complicit with these BILLIONAIRES in "feeding the machine" with US soldiers. For a large part, young men and women hoping to have their secondary education paid for by volunteering their necks and the necks of others. THERE IS A REASON WHY THERE ARE SO MANY SUICIDES among returning vets!

So... I refuse to be a part of lining the pockets of these billionaires by giving my approval of what the military's currently doing. It's wrong! Viet Nam was wrong! Our involvement in Cuba, El Savador, Panama, Somalia, Yemen, etc. was wrong! I believe the last time we were on the right side (slightly) of war was WWII. That was just before the Military Industrial Complex was fully established. There was some nobility in taking on the Nazis with our allies.

Now you have modern day politicians dealing with what remains of WWII. People so involved in keeping the current wars alive that the past wars mean nothing. The story below demonstrates my point succinctly...

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