Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yeah... Right

"There are conscientious objectors joining the military everyday where they've bold face lied that they will take orders from their superiors. This is a video of such 'veteran' objectors whose full intention was to bring discourse amongst the ranks and to propagandize their supposed new found disapproval of the war after 'serving their country'. War is war ... people are terrorized in the act of war"
I don't know if it's a sin to take comments written on my Facebook page, and reprint them on my blog, but I found the statement above to be included in a larger thought. This is where I write my larger thoughts. In fact; I often wonder how many people from Facebook also follow this blog, and stay quiet as to not shake up their own apple cart.
This quote came from a guy I knew from back in my high school days. I remember him as a quiet fellow, who worked hard on his academics, and was an average athlete. He asked me to be his Facebook friend about a year ago, and I figured "What the hell...". I had posted a video of Iraq/Afghanistan veterans who were talking about their experiences in  the Middle East. Real life soldiers who were upset and scarred by those experiences. It got me thinking...
It's not really about the 1% who control the majority of  wealth in our country. It's also about the other top 24% who make a lot of money, and hope to make a lot more that is at the crux of the problem. I'm not about to say Republican or Democrat... they are both to blame equally. These people have never seen a day of REAL struggle, but think they understand it. If they have seen struggle, it's so far behind them they don't remember it correctly.
Jim is not that far off from some other Americans. They also believe that conscientious objectors would willingly join the military. Wouldn't that make them something other than conscientious oblectors?? Maybe, agent provocateurs? You know, the kind of scum that infiltrate groups to sabotage them (uhm...uhm...). I also believe (contrary to this group of Americans) that "discourse" about what the hell you're doing is a good idea, rather than bad. Especially if you're in a war. The 24% probably see it as the oposite. Follow orders blindly with the hope it will get you somewhere. And yes, people are terrorized by the act of war, which seems to me to be the biggest reason for having them in the first place. "Shock and Awe" a people into submission. Then you can steal their resources, scott free.They seem to also believe that even though they never put on a military uniform, they have a right to poo poo soldiers who may be putting their own personal agendas at risk.
I'm done trying to educate the willingly ignorant 24+1 %. Go ahead; put your desire to be rich above all that is sacred and good. We'll see how that works down the road further.

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