Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Taking Aim at NBC

I'm having a hard time with the NBC "Family" these days. There's a new show on NBC's affiliate called "Ripping Off The Rich". The reason I know that, is I was watching the Olympics yesterday and ran into it by accident. When I saw a promo about the show I decided it was something I wanted to write about.

For the past...... years Rich Americans have been ripping off the rest of the American people. Who are the criminals? Rich people have made out quite handsomely for a long time from what they've done to us. How dare NBC express sorrow for these CROOKS? Especially on an hour long weekly show.

NBC has demonstrated their love for the 1% OVER AND OVER again. Their showing of the Olympic Games, and understanding of what the American public is capable of understanding and/or care about bare me out. While the US got an interview with Michael Phelps, other countries were viewing the opening sequence that honored people who have died due to terrorism, including those who lost their lives in the bombing in the London Underground in 2005. http://pilgrimpathways.wordpress.com/2012/07/28/london-olympics-opening-ceremony-vision-of-a-post-imperial-u-k/

They also plan to air another show, hosted by Wesley Clarke, about the art of war, using real weapons and celebrities to demonstrate how war is FUN. As far as I'm concerned war is NOT fun, or sexy, or cute. People LOSE THEIR LIVES in war! NBC has gone over the edge, into a land where few (1%?) people would want to live.

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