Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Why I Hate Texas

What is wrong with the Texas Supreme Court? What is wrong with Govenor Rick Perry? What is wrong with the citizens of Texas? What is wrong with the  Supreme Court OF The United States ? There are several individuals and bodies responsible for the killing of Marvin Wilson, so I'm asking WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?

Marvin Wilson was executed last night in spite of having an IQ of just 61. The story surrounding his execution is beyond belief! In case you're unaware, an IQ of 70 or lower is the SCIENTIFIC benchmark regarding developmental disability. Science, obviously, had nothing to do with the decision to kill Marvin.

In Texas they use the imagination of John Steinbeck in deciding wether or not to execute someone who may or not be guilty. Remember Steinbecks book "Of Mice and Men"? Remember Lenny Smalls? He was the character with a developmental disability, who loved petting rabbits, and eventually mudered his boss's wife. THAT is what they use as a measuring stick in deciding if someone has a developmental disability. A fictional character!

In the year 2002 The SCOTUS decided that executing people with developmental disabilities was a violation of the law. They knew about this case (unless the don't pay attention to the national news), yet did NOTHING to stop the state of Texas from carrying out this "violation of the law". You see, they decided to leave it up to the individual states to decide how to interpret their ruling.

The prosecution had no forensic evidence that Marvin committed ANY CRIME. NONE! What they had instead was the word of the wife of another guy who was accused of committing the crime along with Marvin. In Texas the word of a suspect's wife is enough to find someone guilty. Her husband got a life sentance.

I spite of all this foolishness, Texas remained steadfast in their belief that Marvin should die. At 6:27 PM (Texas time) Marvin was injected with one shot of an experimental drug that killed him. Did I mention that Marvin was also black? Rest in peace Marvin Wilson.


Anonymous said... seriously she's amazing.

Anonymous said...

this post made me cry. i've only been back in austin for a year and people seem perplexed why i don't love it here....nuff said.