Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Not an Anniversary! It's a Birthday!

Happy Birthday OWS! It took off one year ago today. All the grumblings and disgust came to a head in New York City! We (though I wasn't there, I consider myself part of the movement) took to the streets, and went from grumbling to roaring. It was beautiful!

No longer will we be satisfied to watch the raping of America by the elites! This is the country of the common man, not the few who call the shots. Change IS coming. Not the kind of wishy-washy change we've seen in the past 4 years, but REAL change, where even the least of us can be leaders, and we All have a voice!

There is little room for the optimist in this movement. By that I mean those who sit idly by, telling themselves "It will all turn out alright. Me and mine have ours." Nor is there much of a place for the pessimist who says "You'll never get anywhere. It's too late." What we have instead are people who are realists. Those willing to stand up and ask "If not now, then when?" And at the same time answer "With each of us, we can!"

We make no apologies for caring for our fellow man. We make no excuses for the words we use in this struggle. You can't evict an idea whose time has come! We will never stop until justice is served, and ALL people are treated with dignity!

So Happy Birthday Occupy Wall Street! WE ARE THE 99%!!


Anonymous said...

Good blog post, nice efforts. It couldn't appear to have been penned any better. Reading this article piece of writing reminds me about my old boss! He usually kept babbling about this. I will email this post to him. Pretty confident he will probably have a high-quality read. Appreciate your posting!

Incognita said...

"You can't evict an idea whose time has come"
You couldn't have said it better and am I glad its time has come indeed!
"Me and mine have ours" yes that is the grand delusion so many labor under.
A post after my heart!
Happy Anniversary!

Incognita said...

I meant to say Happy Birthday :) :)