Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Thoughts

I've been doing some thinking today. Surprised? Every now and then... Anyway... earlier this week I saw the President on TV imploring people who are able, to vote early this year. Could it be because he knows something about Hurricane Sandy's destructive powers that we don't?

I have a funny feeling about this storm. It's already caused some power outages in the East, and has another 2 1/2 days to go before it's even done there! If it messes things up too badly, it may make it difficult for people to get to the voting poles on the 6th. Jus' sayin'... So if Ohio and Wisconsin (yes, it's supposed to be big enough to effect them) don't get the kind of turn out the President is hoping for, does he get to call a "do-over"?

And what happens to the rest of the country if power outages hit NYC and the Wall St. stock exchange has to be closed down for a few days or more? That would cause a huge mess throughout the US. I kiddingly mentioned on Facebook That this storm may in fact be the "October surprise" of this election. I hope it's not. I just have a funny feeling about this storm...

10/31/12- Well the storm is now gone for the most part, but its' effects will be with us for a while. As I suspected, I got it partially right. The discussion is obviously about fixing things that got broke, but there's also talk about how this will effect the election next week. And I also heard talk about Wall Street being closed. Lower Manhattan got hit pretty hard. Let's just hope that's it for a while!

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