Monday, February 25, 2013

Red Carpet, Beyond the Gates, and 60 Minutes

Today I'm officially 57 years old! Never, in my wildest imaginings did I see myself alive at 57. I still find it hard to believe that I made it this far! But what I want to write about today, is not about my birthday, it's about my final day of being 56.

Yesterday was very interesting. From 4:00 PM until I awakened at 4:30 AM this morning. At 4 yesterday afternoon I sat on the couch in our living room and turned on the TV. It's something I do most days. The TV was tuned to the "Red Carpet" part of the Academy Award proceedings, so I decided to check it out. Mind blowing!

The co hosts were on some kind of a rooftop looking down on the Hollywood stars as they appeared. Then the show would swoop down to interviews with the stars; mostly about their attire. These people are (I'm convinced) so full of themselves, that they've crossed over into sheer clinical Narcissism! Posing with their Gucci dresses and handbags, like they were God's gifts to humanity. And when they spoke... It was so forced and phony, that I could only watch the show for 15 minutes, before I left... thoroughly disgusted.

At that point I though it wise to watch something a bit more "human", so I put on a movie I'd copied on my DVR some time back. The title is "Beyond the Gates", and it's a film about the genocide that occurred in Rwanda in 1994. How the UN "Peacekeepers" all but deserted the Tsutsis as they were murdered by Hutus with machetes and clubs. It was pretty upsetting until the very end, when it was revealed that several actors in the film were survivors of the genocide. They told you exactly what these people had lost, and I in turn "lost it" myself... crying for the next 10 minutes.

When I'd finally composed myself, I looked back at the TV, which was showing the most recent episode of 60 Minutes. Scott Pelley was interviewing this guy who wrote the scandalous book about killing Bin Laden a few years back. If I ever have to bat at softball again, I want old Scott to be the pitcher. It was indeed a surreal interview with the story becoming more UNbelievable at each turn. In the end, back on set, they talked about how "angry" the military is at this author for betraying state secrets, that they may sue him! While Bradley Manning rots away in prison (for being accused of doing the same thing) for over 1000 days, they are considering suing this clown. Alrighty...

Finally went to bed, exhausted by 8:00. Had several symbolic dreams... I was flying with an old crow which was the same size as me. I went to a place where there were "Hagots" and "Hurgs". They were 2 separate groups of people with the Hagots being deemed the superior group. I woke up at 11:59, knowing I was from neither group, and my job was to teach them that neither are they. Later I woke up saying out loud "trust" 4 times. I also was in a shallow river where the rocks on the bottom hurt my feet. I got out rather than continuing to hurt them. 3 or 4 others I was with continued in the shallow river. I ended up waking for good with the knowledge that THIS YEAR would lead me to a place I've never been. Wild, huh?

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