Wednesday, March 06, 2013

RIP Hugo, The "R"Word, and Alvin

Things seem to be coming at/to me in 3's these days. Not sure what that's about, but I 'll go with it. Today I want to write about 3 things that I believe are very important.

Hugo Chavez died yesterday. If you pay attention to main stream media you may see that as something positive. I don't. Hugo was a hero to me and millions of others who believe what's happening in the world with greed is bullshit. He fought for his country and all impovershed people throughout the world for a better place to live.

Today was the international day to spread the word to end the word. The word that is spoken of is "retarded". If the people who use this word so loosely were able to see the number of people it hurts, they might be able to bring anoother kind of death to it.

Finally, I think of the rock musician Alvin Lee; another of my heros. He wrote of the sickness that has been , and continues to hurt ALL OFF US today. He hated war and wrote "I'd Love To Change The World" back in the late 60's, which continues to be an important song today.

May all of these 3 thoughts find their way to graves that bring us all together.

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