Saturday, March 09, 2013

Let's Take a Ride!

The more I try to make sense of this particular concept, the more confused I become. I'm hoping that writing about it will assist me, and am inviting you along for the ride. So strap yourselves in and smoking's ok. Just crack the window.

If 5% of Americans can be labeled "rich", the other 95% can be called "not rich". If that's the case, why do so many of the 95% see it as important to protect the 5%? I see this on a regular basis among friends on Facebook, and it drives me crazy! It happens in politics on all governmental levels. It's as if the 5% has hypnotized folks into believing their job is to protect them from any form of criticism.

Maybe it has to do with people hoping they will someday crack the 5% themselves, and are covering their asses proactively? Or could it be (as I was told recently) that "there's no crime in being successful", as if that's the reason the rich are rich. The truth is that a vast majority of these people were rich BEFORE they were even born. They were born into wealth. And if not, they were given a lot of help to get rich along the way.

Very few of these people ever had to bust their asses to be where they are. They may have busted other people's asses to get there, but theirs are without a bruise. It could be that many not-rich people have been busting their own asses all their lives for the few crumbs they've gotten as a reward. Now they hope that it all hasn't been in vane.

Well, that's our final destination for now. I hope you've found something to help you with your own questions and opinions. Before exiting, please return your seat to the upright position, and have a nice day.

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