Saturday, April 20, 2013

They Did It!!

How many times must Americans be reminded that the modus operendus of today is that of a football game. Seems like they just fell for one of the oldest plays in the sport. The "End Around" has just played out in the media with the desired results. America fell asleep (once again) praising their own country while the REAL SHIT escaped without ever hitting the fan! That's what the Boston Bomb All-The-Time news has accomplished.

While people have actually been pleased with the shutting down of a city, to find and arrest 1 person, they magically seemed to forget about the proposed Social Security cuts getting ready to go into effect. These cuts will surely cause the deaths of thousands of seniors, people with disabilities, and others who depend on this money! We don't care, they got the bad guy.

Then you have the CISPA fiasco, which people would have been up in arms about, if they weren't clapping and saluting the people who made the arrest. Pay attention sheep...err... people! Big Brother is watching...

Finally we have the (much larger) explosion that occurred in West, Texas, which has claimed the lives of at least 35 people (including 10 first responders), with at least 160 injured and many left homeless. Did you forget about that?
Of course there's no need to shut down the city to find those responsible. There IS NO TOWN to lock down any more!

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