Sunday, April 21, 2013

They Did It!! (part ll)

The more I think about what I merely BEGAN to write about yesterday, the more questions and observations come to mind. Answers and thoughts are most welcomed, however you choose to comment...

1.) Whatever became of the carjacking victim? No follow-up interviews, no requests for interviews that were denied, even because the FBI isn't allowing it?

2.) What about the rest of the citizenry? As the governor of Massachusetts reported on Face the Nation this morning, "millions" of people in the greater Boston area were locked down from Thursday night until sometime Friday afternoon. I find it would be impossible for there to not be any resistance to the order, people arrested or harassed for refusing to comply, people not allowing police entry to their homes. Why haven't we heard from anyone who resisted or was detained and had any trouble with police?

3.) Why was the stay-indoors "request" lifted before the suspect was apprehended? If you are going to lockdown a city for the reasons stated it makes no sense to lift that lockdown before you have the suspect in custody. Either that, or, you've realized that locking down an entire city to apprehend one suspect never made any sense in the first place?

4.) Where were Boston's homeless during the lock down? Were they given homes at last, or were homeless camps rifled through and people swept off the streets and out of the city by the "authorities" and we just didn't hear about it? If I were on the run, I think I might consider hiding out in a homeless camp.

5.) Why the hell is Wolfe Blitzer still on the air?

None of this makes sense. I've seen action movies with stronger plot lines.

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