Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On Drug Testing the Poor

I've been hearing a whole lot of verbosity about how poor people should be drug tested, if they receive money from the US Government, lately. Staying true to their colors, middle class Americans are falling for whatever their wealthy MASTERS want them to fall for. I used to think it was a conservative/republican phenomena, but now I'm convinced it's a mental thing; as in "where the hell is your brain?"

There's also been a of of talk about "bullying" at this same time. Seems to me these loud mouths are little more than bullies themselves. Afraid to question what the wealthy want them to believe, they resort instead to going after the lowest possible hanging fruit. Poor people with no discernible voice, and certainly no one to speak up on their behalf. They are exactly the kind of people I've grown to despise most my life.

They take the talking points from CORPORATE MEDIA, and espouse them as their own. They never use their brains to wonder who is behind corporate media... instead they spend their time watching reality TV (also put out by CORPORATE MEDIA) to deaden any sense of compassion and common sense they once had.

Tell me... who effects your own bottom line more... a corporate thug who accepts billions of tax payer dollars for their screw ups, or a low income person who sells their food stamps to buy alcohol or lottery tickets in an attempt to escape the hell they live in? Use your fucking heads! It's not rocket science. How about the CEO who gets millions each year in salary and bonuses, and hasn't paid any taxes themselves for the past 5 years, vs. the poor individual who sells their blood to supplement what little assistance they get from the state to help them feed their children?

Ever live in a city where finding a job is almost impossible? No? Then shut the fuck up! Ever been born in the ghetto where survival is a full time job? No? Then shut the fuck up! Ever had to sacrifice by deciding whether it's utilities, rent, food, or medicine this month? No? Then shut the fuck up! Tired of all those stupid fucks thinking it's their job to decide who should get nailed and who deserves a pass.

Maybe someday I'll develop a better understanding of the type of people I've described here. Maybe not. Maybe if I was a more spiritual being, I could see beyond their outward exterior to embrace the God in them, but as I am today, I can't. I just don't get it.

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