Tuesday, June 04, 2013

"Pull Yourself Up by the Bootlaces"

I've always been mystified and angry with the idea that somehow poor people will also thrive along with the rest of the populace as the economy improves. That is purely a myth. Poor people are ALWAYS an afterthought! They (we) are constantly fed the poisonous foods of lies and betrayals as we struggle to survive in America.

I AM NOT an afterthought! For more than 40 years of my life, I've been dedicated to trying to change this stupid belief. First, for others less fortunate than me, and now for myself also. Why should someone who has DELIBERATELY chosen to take lower paying jobs (caring/working for people with disabilities) because they recognize the need the REST OF SOCIETY ignores, suffer later in life, rather than be REWARDED for making that choice?

For me (and countless others) it's always been about SERVICE to humanity. Never made any difference who you were. Black, gay, disabled, etc. If you were struggling to survive through no fault of your own, I was there with you... in the trenches. In fact, even if you struggled in part, through your own mistakes, I passed no judgment on you, because I was taught people deserve a second (and sometimes third) chance!

Now that I'm older, and wiser, I'm able to see the choices people make to BEAT THE SYSTEM. Making choices much different than mine, they do, and will thrive as the financial situation in our country improves. Am I jealous of them? HELL NO! Their choices to "look out for number 1" and to hell with the rest, don't impress me in the slightest. All that shows me, is that they excel at being selfish. Not something to be real proud of.

So there you have MY MANIFESTO. I may not have built a legacy that many will recall years from now, but that's not what it ever was about in the first place. It was (and is) about pulling for the underdog in this fucked up capitalist country. And THAT, although I too am a poor person, makes me proud.


Anonymous said...

Excellent David! My husband has lived your life and I so appreciate this - well said!


David McDonald said...

Thanks Lydia! I understand how this may make some people uncomfortable, particularly people I've known for many years, but I don't think my job is to bring comfort to those already living a life of comfort. I've always ascribed to the addage "If the shoe fits, wear it"...

manuel campos said...

How life has changed in my 64 years. The world has indeed becomed more polorized not only in politics; also in social values. Way are you not human if you value the quality of your life instead of living an ideal life of dedicaton to idealistic mother teresa service to humanity. Why isnt being a productive asset to society just as valued. Im a poliomielite survivor and spinale injry wheel chair user. Word fors 20 plus years in social work. Retired whent into private self employment. I fine indepence and financial well bang a much more liberating esperience.

David McDonald said...

Somewhere (not sure where) things will have to change in order for our species to survive. Just hope I get to see that day!